1. Where can I buy it?

Currently HedgePay is available for purchase utilizing our in-house exchange application. HedgePay will be released on Decentralized Exchanges like PancakeSwap and BiSwap as soon as the EIO ends.

2. Why can't I claim rewards?

To be eligible for the HPAY BUSD reward mechanics, you must hold at least 0.1% of the total supply in your wallet. These rewards can be claimed at any time on a prorated fee basis. These fees are used to supplement the HedgeFi Capital Fund and increase rewards to holders. Once early reliance on transactional volume is decoupled from the HedgeFi Capital Fund, this threshold will be decreased.

3. Do staked tokens count towards the salary?

Tokens kept in the high yield staking buyback mechanisms do not count toward the total amount of HPAY required to generate BUSD salary rewards. While an investor can choose to stake and and also receive salary rewards, the balances are not cumulative.

4. Is liquidity locked?

Yes, HedgePay utilizes our proprietary zero-risk liquidity locking service. Liquidity is locked biannually and will be automatically renewed 5 days before expiration if no breaking event occurs. This ensures that our ecosystem is secure and adaptable to changing environments. Liquidity locking is transparent and accessible to all members of our community.

5. What is the maximum supply?

Maximum supply of HPAY tokens is 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion).

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