HedgePay offers a range of mechanisms to generate active and passive income from your investments. There are three main mechanics during HedgePay's foundation stage for the generation of rewards.

Stable Asset HedgeFi Rewards

Investors holding at least 0.1% of the total supply will unlock the BUSD HedgeFi rewards. A select few investors will also be able to take advantage of the HedgeFi Capital Fund to increase their monthly income. These are recommended to be removed monthly to improve personal financial security but can be taken out sooner on a pro-rated fee schedule. The fees will be reallocated to the HedgeFi Capital Fund to improve interest to be distributed to holders. Investors can also choose to stake their HPAY in our high yield buyback mechanics to generate more income. Once early reliance on transactional volume has been decoupled from the HedgeFi Fund, the threshold to unlock BUSD rewards will be proportionally adjusted. All revenue generated is provided as passive rewards, 80% as direct currency and 20% utilized in our buyback mechanisms.

HedgePay Buyback-Powered Staking

This provides investors with the opportunity to stake their HedgePay tokens to earn more rewards. The buyback-powered staking service utilizes 20% of the generated HedgeFi revenue to purchase HedgePay at market value, which increases overall volume. These buyback mechanics have been engineered to also prevent market price volatility of HPAY. This also allows all investors to build the foundation they need to earn enough HPAY tokens to unlock the BUSD salary mechanics.

This mechanic will be available soon

HedgePay Bounty Service

This currently provides a reward of 0.5% for any operation that an investor completes. These operations include converting profits from the HedgeFi algorithms to stable assets and storing these assets in the multi-signature wallet. The reward generation mechanics is structured to ensure a steady income flow for the investor by allowing them to earn via holding, staking, and solving HedgePay operations.

This mechanic will be available soon

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