HedgePay Vault

Staking as a Service For Earning Crypto By Leveraging Your Idle Crypto Assets

HedgePay is a DeFi-powered income generator that uses proprietary HedgeFi risk-reduction algorithms to secure your investment in the blockchain. This platform guarantees indefinite financial freedom because of its uniqueness, excellent security features, and accessibility. Amongst its various services, HedgePay offers Staking-as-a-Service while forging a secure path to consistent reward generation resistant to market volatility.

HedgePay Staking as Service

HedgePay Vault offers an affordable staking enterprise allowing investors to earn an active and passive income because of its unique and profitable features.

HedgePay Vault has four components. HedgePay Vault is a flexible staking facility enabling investors to redeem their staked assets at any time. It encourages them to hold on to their assets to generate a regular income stream. In effect, the staked coins are put to work while you hold on to them. The best aspect is that you are free to unstake them anytime if you wish to trade them. Thus, you see staking generates income passively while trading ensures active income generation. Moreover, it is an affordable service at 2 BNB.

Time Lock Vaults offer a different service where investors can stake their assets for a specific time frame. This vault is not as flexible as the HedgePay Vault because it discourages premature withdrawal. Besides, this service is available at 3 BNB. However, it is a profitable venture because it enables investors to earn additional rewards.

Flash Staking Vaults is an improved version of the Time Lock Vault because it provides investors with upfront interest. However, the APR is fixed. This facility, available at 3 BNB, allows investors to lock their funds for the first 24 hours after the vault starts.

Custom Vault is a specialized service offered to select clients. This service costs 5 BNB and is built to be integrated into the project’s economics.

Final Thoughts

Your crypto funds can generate a steady income stream because of the HedgePay Staking service. This service enables passive income generation as you hold on to the crypto assets in the vault. It also allows you the flexibility to unstake the investments and trade in them to earn active income. Besides, HedgePay Vault service offers the highest levels of safety.

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