HedgePay is a decentralized token protocol that generates a constant, stable coin based, income stream to its investors. The protocol uses our proprietary HedgeFi risk reduction algorithm to commit 10% of each transaction into a diversified asset portfolio to generate interest, known as the HedgeFi Capital Fund. Most of the gains generated by our algorithms are returned to the investors in the form of claimable rewards. The gains that are not converted into investor rewards will be used to fuel the buy-back mechanism which is engineered to preserve the market value of our HPAY token. These gains are also utilized for liquidity generation and seed funding for future developments.
Our top-level rewards program is exclusive to investors that unlock our salary mechanics by holding at least 1 million HPAY. Other investors earn rewards by staking in our high yield buy-back mechanism or by performing simple on-chain operations to claim profit from our generous bounty protocol.
Our team aims to provide real value and innovation to the decentralized finance space. Our top priority is to help investors on their journey toward financial freedom. Therefore, once we have decoupled the early reliance on transactional volume to improve the HedgeFi Capital Fund, we will incrementally lower the threshold for our top-level salary program.